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We build amazing bolt rifles too!!! Each action is stripped down to meticulously go over every surface till its perfect. We then re-machine it to perfection and match it up with a new carbon barrel from Proof Research. Every rifle has a sub MOA guarantee and a lifetime warrantee! All parts are manufactured in Colorado or sourced 100% USA partners. Barrel: Standard is any length up too 28in in and cambered in any modern mainstream SA or LA cartridge. Included: - Complete barreld action in your choice of SA or LA cartridge. - Stock or Chassis of your choice meticulously bedded for optimal accuracy with detachable box mag bottom metal. Trigger tech special trigger, 1.5-4 Lbs adjustable in each rifle. Cerakote options for a lifetime of hunting use. ***Please call before ordering so we can discuss colors, caliber, and other options for your rifle.*** (970) 589-1290


-APEX ($3,995)

  • Kelbly Atlas  or Stiller Predator action LA or SA
  • XLR Carbon, or Evolution Chassis
  • Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel 22" - 28" in any mainstream SA or LA cartridge
  • Trigger tech Special trigger 1-3.5lbs
  • MB&M 3-5 Port Muzzle Brake
  • Comes with base color cerakote. Camo patterns will be additional charge.
  • Base Colors include- Black, Desert sand, Multi cam green, titanium, smoke, or red.
  • Camo patterns include, kryptek, multicam, battleworn, or VA camo.
  • (Optics not included unless ordered)